Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Beach Vacation

In the spirit of celebrating Adam's graduation and our first anniversary and our desperate need for a vacation...we went to Panama City Beach.

Adam found us a great condo that was not only beautiful on the inside but on the 22nd floor. It was so cool to be up that high. We were higher than the pelicans flying by...about eye to eye with the parasailers...and high enough to see the ocean life swimming. I don't think folks on the beach realized how much ocean life they were missing...or was missing them. We brought binoculars and saw a school of huge fish, a pair of eagle rays, and a shark or two.

It was amazing to watch from way up high.

We went to the Navy Air Museum in Pensacola one day. We missed the Blue Angels practice but spent the whole day in the museum. It was amazing. The tours were and the planes were incredible. And the memorabilia collections were just amazing. If you are ever that way the museum is a must see.

Most of the time we were just beach bums.

We were so thankful for our time to relax.
We found excellent food and met some great folks.
It couldn't have been better.

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