Monday, July 20, 2009

Diving in...

The doctoring has begun.

We find it pretty awesome that Adam's first month of his career is in the ER...the very place he started as a tech, then an EMT, then a paramedic student, then a med student, and now a doctor.

God has a cool way of reminding you how far he's brought you, huh?

Adam and I have had some freak out moments when the white coat came back embroidered with the MD. I was at work when Adam sent me a picture of his name on the door of the clinic with the MD on it. So we're slowly getting used to the idea. But we love it. There have been a few moments when we just look at each other and realize..."I'm really a doctor now!" "Yeah, you're really a doctor!" So that's been fun for me, and fun/sobering for Adam these last few weeks.

Well, they just threw him on in. We knew they would...and they did. If you can get a copy of the first episode of Scrubs (the tv show), it is pretty true to life. So Adam is struggling through all the passwords and logins and just the sheer number of systems working in the hospital to get the job done. And then there's the issue of where to put the orders and the system of getting them to the right person or finding the supplies you need and learning the names of your upper level residents and nurses. So in all that, the physical assessment and diagnosing and treatment of the patient is not the hardest part here. But he's been really impressed with the Emergency residents hes worked with so far. They've been great, and that makes everything else so much better.

Speaking of great folks, I'm working with some wonderful people in the Pediatric ER. (Right around the corner from the Adult ER) They have been awesome for me! I'm working 11AM to 11PM. And with that schedule, I get to work with the day and night shifts. Every shift has their own personality and I love it. Everybody seems to like their job which makes work pretty great. Its a small 11 bed ER so there is a family atmosphere, and they run it like a family business sometimes :) This is so different from the spread out 32 bed ER in Birmingham. But a lot of the essentials are the same, so my transition is easy and going quickly. I'm learning a lot of what Adam's learning...where things are, names, how to work the system to get things done etc. And I can't say enough how I love driving 15 min instead of an hour and 15 min to work! Yay!

So in a lot of ways Adam and I have hit a steep learning curve, as well as getting to do what we love. Its nice to come home and relax though. We've almost got our house settled. The garage is our last hold out...of course. We love our house. Our cul de sac is almost finished. And our neighborhood is perfect for runs and evening strolls. And something awesome in our neighborhood...everybody waves. Very cool.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Our First Anniversary

Our first anniversary was a really great day.
Adam bought me a beautiful orchid.

We also brought out our wedding cake that's been frozen for a year and tried it.
It was delicious...surprisingly.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Beach Vacation

In the spirit of celebrating Adam's graduation and our first anniversary and our desperate need for a vacation...we went to Panama City Beach.

Adam found us a great condo that was not only beautiful on the inside but on the 22nd floor. It was so cool to be up that high. We were higher than the pelicans flying by...about eye to eye with the parasailers...and high enough to see the ocean life swimming. I don't think folks on the beach realized how much ocean life they were missing...or was missing them. We brought binoculars and saw a school of huge fish, a pair of eagle rays, and a shark or two.

It was amazing to watch from way up high.

We went to the Navy Air Museum in Pensacola one day. We missed the Blue Angels practice but spent the whole day in the museum. It was amazing. The tours were and the planes were incredible. And the memorabilia collections were just amazing. If you are ever that way the museum is a must see.

Most of the time we were just beach bums.

We were so thankful for our time to relax.
We found excellent food and met some great folks.
It couldn't have been better.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Adam is graduated and we're in Jackson!

Well, we're back blogging again. We want to keep in touch with the family and friends outside of Facebook. So we'll keep the pictures and stories rolling for ya. Where to start...

Adam graduated from UAB in mid-May. It was a hectic weekend but we soaked up every minute. This picture on the right shows all the Tuscaloosa kids, and below is the big day.

I am so proud of Adam. Its been a long road for him. I came along the beginning of second year and together we have done a lot, grown up a lot, and are so thankful for this graduation day. God has been good to us.

The next big event...

We are finally moved into our new house in Jackson, MS. Thanks to everyone who helped us. We could not have packed up all our junk without thanks guys.

Bronwyn loves her back yard!

This week I've started orientation at the hospital and Adam has gotten started on paperwork and orientation as well. We are well versed on fire safety, HIPPA, and where to park. We just get pretty lost every time we go in the hospital. Oh well.
We got our drivers licences today so we really have to stop claiming that we're "displaced Alabamians". We still have it in our hearts though.
The house still is a cardboard box festival inside, but we're making headway slowly. We're not quite ready for guests at the moment but we will be soon.

Next week we're headed off to the beach for some recovery from all our big events.
So more pictures to follow...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

We had a great time on our big day!

Friday, July 4, 2008

We're Married!

We got married a week ago. So in a flurry of flowers and camara flashing and dresses and cake...we tied the knot finally and are so glad to be married.
Here is the link to our pictures *hint* look through the favorites from the day for the shortened version of a whole lot of pics...
Its been incredible so far. We've sorted out gifts and Adam's apartment. We're getting into the swing of living together even though our apartment is in total chaos. For the last year we've been apart...Adam in Tuscaloosa and myself in Birmingham. So we are enjoying being together now.
The new Mrs. Stephanie K. Isbell

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Engagement Pictures

Adam and I went to Muscle Shoals at the end of February for a quick engagement photo session. Thanks to Adam's friend BJ Kennimer and his airplane and motorcycle, we were able to take some super cool pictures. What a fun thing this was. Our photographer Marsha Perry made the most of a cold and overcast day and made our pictures amazing. Check them out on Pictage.

We started shooting about 4:30pm to try for a sunset. But the sky would not cooperate. So at any rate, we really had some fun with this beautiful plane. BJ was awesome. He flies this Yak replica with a group of regional acrobatic planes. They perform in air shows and meet regularly to practice barrel rolls and other scary moves. Adam and I saw BJ and his buddies fly at an air show in Shelby County on one of our first dates. BJ has also taken Adam up flying and schooled him in some aeronautical acrobatics. When we arrived to BJ's hangar, we spied his vintage motorcycle and sidecar. So of course we begged a picture or two with it. He was so wonderful. His wife also was so great. She took pity on us and brought out the best coffee to warm us back up. (my fingers were turning blue) Marsha and her husband were great too. Marsha was recovering from a respiratory infection. But that didn't stop her from taking some great shots. She also let me borrow her beautiful black coat for some shots, perfect for the look we were going for. She is so great to work with and creative. At any rate, we had a great time and we're so pleased with these pictures. Enjoy