Friday, June 12, 2009

Adam is graduated and we're in Jackson!

Well, we're back blogging again. We want to keep in touch with the family and friends outside of Facebook. So we'll keep the pictures and stories rolling for ya. Where to start...

Adam graduated from UAB in mid-May. It was a hectic weekend but we soaked up every minute. This picture on the right shows all the Tuscaloosa kids, and below is the big day.

I am so proud of Adam. Its been a long road for him. I came along the beginning of second year and together we have done a lot, grown up a lot, and are so thankful for this graduation day. God has been good to us.

The next big event...

We are finally moved into our new house in Jackson, MS. Thanks to everyone who helped us. We could not have packed up all our junk without thanks guys.

Bronwyn loves her back yard!

This week I've started orientation at the hospital and Adam has gotten started on paperwork and orientation as well. We are well versed on fire safety, HIPPA, and where to park. We just get pretty lost every time we go in the hospital. Oh well.
We got our drivers licences today so we really have to stop claiming that we're "displaced Alabamians". We still have it in our hearts though.
The house still is a cardboard box festival inside, but we're making headway slowly. We're not quite ready for guests at the moment but we will be soon.

Next week we're headed off to the beach for some recovery from all our big events.
So more pictures to follow...

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