Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Engagement Pictures

Adam and I went to Muscle Shoals at the end of February for a quick engagement photo session. Thanks to Adam's friend BJ Kennimer and his airplane and motorcycle, we were able to take some super cool pictures. What a fun thing this was. Our photographer Marsha Perry made the most of a cold and overcast day and made our pictures amazing. Check them out on Pictage.


We started shooting about 4:30pm to try for a sunset. But the sky would not cooperate. So at any rate, we really had some fun with this beautiful plane. BJ was awesome. He flies this Yak replica with a group of regional acrobatic planes. They perform in air shows and meet regularly to practice barrel rolls and other scary moves. Adam and I saw BJ and his buddies fly at an air show in Shelby County on one of our first dates. BJ has also taken Adam up flying and schooled him in some aeronautical acrobatics. When we arrived to BJ's hangar, we spied his vintage motorcycle and sidecar. So of course we begged a picture or two with it. He was so wonderful. His wife also was so great. She took pity on us and brought out the best coffee to warm us back up. (my fingers were turning blue) Marsha and her husband were great too. Marsha was recovering from a respiratory infection. But that didn't stop her from taking some great shots. She also let me borrow her beautiful black coat for some shots, perfect for the look we were going for. She is so great to work with and creative. At any rate, we had a great time and we're so pleased with these pictures. Enjoy