Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Cherokee Rose And The Thistle

Both of our families have a rich heritage that we love.

Adam's Cherokee heritage comes from his father's grandmother. Over the years, hes studied their culture and his family's part in the Cherokee nation. His hometown of Muscle Shoals celebrates its local Indian heritage and the Trail of Tears. Adam attended the Indian festivals for years growing up. This year we heard some great storytelling and music. We didn't get to dance though...maybe next year. Adam is deeply proud of his Cherokee heritage.

Stephanie's Scottish heritage comes from both parents. My mother's family is Henderson of the Henderson clan. My father's family has been traced back to 3 immigrant brothers to America and the town of Kelso, Scotland. I grew up watching the Highland Games at Stone Mountain, listening to bagpipe bands and watching the sheep dogs work. I haven't been brave enough to eat haggis though. My Scottish origin has been something very beautiful to me all my life.

So, this design of the Cherokee rose and the thistle seemed to fit us nicely.